About Me

Hi, welcome to my online soap shop.  I grew up, and still live, in Green River, Wyoming.  I'm a full-time registered nurse, a single mom to 6 year old twins and I have a passion for making soap!  A few years ago my new hobby blossomed into a very small soap business.  I started making soap and other products for my family to try to decrease some of the over exposure we have to the many toxins in our day to day lives.  This was a way for me to control and know exactly what was in the products I was using in my home and on my kids. 

I am a self-taught soaper and made my first hot process soap in the summer of 2015. At that time I made products only for myself and my kids until friends and co-workers found out about products I made.  They became interested and wanted to buy from me.  Until now I have only ever sold by word of mouth and at craft fairs.  Now my passion has expanded to the point where I want to make and sell on a larger scale.  While making cold process soap is my passion, I enjoy making other bath and body products as well.  Take a look, there is something for everyone.  I hope you enjoy my handcrafted items.  Oh.......... I like purple. 


P.S. all of my products are made in a smoke-free and pet-free environment.


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